PC, Server and Laptop Repairs 


Protec Services offer a vast range of repairs and upgrades to Desktop PC's, Server and Laptops including

  •  Replacement Power supplies
  • Replacement Laptop screens
  • Failed hardware replacement
  • System upgrades
  • Software upgrades
  • New hardware supplies
  • Refurbished Desktops, Servers and Laptops
  • Software supplied
  • Data recovery
  • Upgrades to larger Hard drives without loosing data or programs

Very often whilst your PC or Laptop may not need an upgrade it may have started running slow and misbehaving. This can be a sign that it has picked up a Virus. Just because you current Anti-virus software say your system is clean it is more than likely not.  Anti-virus products vary and detect different things at different time depending on when the software supplier updates the software to detect the problem.

Protec Services can scan your system and clean the system of infected files that are causing issues as we use the latest software to detect issues with the system.

Should the Operating System of your PC or Laptop beyond repair Protec Services will carry out a complete system backup and reload the Operating system and restore you files and folders.

Servicing of your PC or Laptop is more important than you may think. Whilst the PC or Laptop may be running fine there are internal parts that if not services can dramatically shorten their working life and long term cost you money.

Below are some images of the repairs we have carried out to PC's and Laptops over the years.