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Professional Technical Consulting Ltd t/a PROTEC SERVICES

TERMS OF TRADING Issue 2 October 2018

  1. Definitions in these conditions. The customer is the person whose name and address appears on the order. This order contains the entire agreement between the parties and the customer acknowledges that he cannot place any reliance on any matters mentioned prior to this order. Only the matters expressly wntten on the order are valid. In so far that they do not vary these conditions.
  2. Drawings and technical data. All patent copyright and design rights relating to the goods or any part of them remain the property of Protec Services. Any drawings, reports, sketches, plans or other technical data are not intended to be part of the order.
  3. Alterations to Specification. Protec Services reserve the right to change the specification of goods or services as long as in their opinion they are necessary or desirable and do not affect the customer’s use of goods.
  4. Price. Unless it is agreed in writing between Protec Services and the customer: – (a) The price of goods and services is as stated in the order. (b) If it is necessary to increase the price because of an increase in component costs which Protec Services cannot avoid, written notice will be given to the customer upon request only.  All prices given are subject to change.
  5. Time. Time shall not be the essence of the Order. Protec Services will do its up most to complete the installation of the goods and devices as mentioned in the order but Protec Services does not agree to be liable for any inconvenience or loss caused through any such delays. If Protec Services are unable to meet delivery or installation dates they reserve the right to cancel the order without liability.
  6. Servicing. Servicing of the System is provided by Protec Services, for an indefinite period until cancelled by the Client, by giving 90 days written notice of cancellation prior to the anniversary of the month of installation. Please note that all work carried out regarding the modification of a system, and any other work requested, following cancellation is chargeable to the client.
  7. Access and Installation. It is in the interest of both Protec Services and the customer that the installation is carried out as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The customer is expected to afford Protec such access as it considers necessary to ensure this. In the event of such access being denied, Protec Services reserve the right to make an additional charge for the time involved.
  8. Passing of property and payment. Even though the risk of the goods or any part of them passes to the customer immediately the installation is started the goods themselves comprised in this order remain the ownership of Protec Services until all sums due under the order are paid in full. If the order price is not paid to Protec Services within the agreed time, Protec Services reserve the right to recover all or any goods from the customer without notice. Any restoration and/or redecoration required by the removal of equipment under this clause will be the sole responsibility of the customer. The customer will also be liable for any and all recovery costs incurred by Protec Services under this clause.
  9. Payment. The terms of payment are balance payable upon installation either in cash, cheque or, where prior agreement has been sought. So far as payment is concerned time is of the essence of this order and if any sums due are not paid Protec Services may at its discretion delay or defer completion of the installation. All payments are subject to strict payment terms stated upon the final Invoice. Failure to pay within these terms will incur interest charges at Protec Services discretion. Failure to pay within these terms may lead to the suspension of any services held with us.
  10. Your right to cancel. You have the right to cancel this agreement. You can do this by sending or taking a written notice of cancellation to Protec. You have seven days starting from the day after you receive the completed copy of your order. You can use the form provided. If you cancel this order, any money you have paid, goods given us part-exchange (or their value) and property given as security must be returned to you. You will not have to make any further payment. If you already have any goods under the order, you should not use them and should keep them safe. (legal action may be taken against you if you do not take proper care of them). You can wait for them to be collected from you and you need not hand them over unless you receive a written request. If you wish, however, you may return the goods yourself.
  11. Alarm system Guarantee. (1) Subject to clauses 7 and 10 Protec Services guarantees for a period of 12 calendar months from the date of installation of the goods to repair or replace any defective parts in the goods (batteries excluded), the defect which has developed under proper use and arises solely from faulty material or workmanship, provided: (I) That responsibility under this clause shall be limited to the cost of repairing the part or the cost of the replacement part and delivery: (e) That neither the customer nor his agent has tampered with or interfered with or relocated the goods in any way: (ci) That Protec Services has been allowed access by the customer on request at all reasonable times to inspect the goods: and (iv) That notification of any defect is made to Protec Services in writing forthwith upon its discovery. (2) The goods are designed as an improved warning system and are not a guarantee against fire or intruders. Protec Services shall be under no liability as a result of any defect in, or failure to perform of the goods caused by reduction or termination of the electricity supply, radio jamming, the failure or interference with any telephonic connections, Act of God or of a third party, any failure of equipment due to breakdown or any other cause beyond the control of Protec Services.
  12. Bye-laws and consents. Protec Services shall not be responsible for ensuring that any necessary bye-laws regulations order or consents necessary for the installation are obtained, it is the customers responsibility to ensure that the installation does not breach any such matters.
  13. Safety and technical instructions. The customer undertakes to ensure that he and all his agents will observe all safety and technical instructions in the operating manuals, bulletins and other directions from Protec Services or the manufacturer.
  14. Information. Any information relating to the goods including personal access codes will only be disclosed, upon receipt of a written request from the customer specifying the order number and date of the order
  15. Liability. The company shall not be liable for: (1) Any costs of redecoration or reinstatement or for damage to or the cost of relaying floor covering or for any breakages or other damage arising from the installation, repair, maintenance or alteration of the alarm system, Security or IT equipment. (2) Any costs or damage caused whatsoever incurred by the neutralisation or ineffectiveness of a security system or IT equipment or any sub-sequential costs incurred by the customer arising from the same. (3) Any costs or damage or any subsequent costs incurred by the Customer, following action taken by Protec Services to intentionally or unintentionally render the alarm system or IT equipment ineffective for whatever reason whether the Customer has been notified of the work or not. If the company is found liable in respect of any matter, with the exception of personal injury for which the limit is £1,000.000, not specifically covered within this or any other clause within these terms and conditions the limit of the liability shall not exceed the total cost of the system. The Customer shall advise the company of the existence of, and point out to Protec’s Engineer the location of concealed water, gas, electricity, telephone or other services wiring or pipes before work commences. Since the absence of such advice the Company cannot accept liability for damage to these services.
  16. Responsibilities of the Subscriber a) Only persons who have been properly instructed in its use operate the management of the alarm system, security system or IT equipment and the number of these people should be kept to an absolute minimum. b) Inform Protec Services of the authorised Key holders and of any changes to these. c) Close & secure all doors and windows carefully. d) Ensure all pressure pads are left clear e) Do not allow moving objects within range of movement detectors f) Ensure all entry exit procedures are followed without deviation. g) Treat the systems with care. h) Inform Protec Services of any changes in the building and its contents, which may affect the alarm system, security system or IT equipment. I) Do not reset equipment after a false alarm unless the fault has been determined and rectified as recommended in the relevant standards at the time. j) Ensure all incidents and visits are recorded in the logbook.
  17. Sold Goods, Special orders & Services. Sold good shall be subject to a set time period of guarantee.  Protec Services shall not be hold responsible for any failure of the goods or services, this includes any loss of data which may have occurred with regard to any item being deemed faulty.  Orders taken for special items will be payable by the customer once the order has been made and no cancellation will be accepted from the customer under any circumstances.  The customer will be liable for the full cost of the goods, delivery costs and any cost incurred by Protec Services.
  18. Rental. Equipment rented from Protec Services shall remain the property of Protec Services and title of goods will not pass to the customer upon any payments being received.  All rented goods shall be subject to a monthly charge which is at the discretion of Protec Services depending upon the value of the goods rented.  If equipment is installed by Protec Services then an install charge shall apply.  The customer is liable for any or all losses incurred by Protec Services should the equipment be stolen or damaged in any way.
  19. Signage. All designs for signage are the property of Protec Services and any reproduction in any form is strictly forbidden without the written authorisation of Protec Services.