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With a server management & maintenance contract we provide pro-active support. Servers are used and relied upon 24/7, 365 days a year. If your server fails it can have a severe impact on your business day.

We perform regular ongoing maintenance, patching and resolving issues as they arise. Continuous monitoring of your server infrastructure helps to minimise problems, maximise performance and keep things running as they should.

A regular review of your server’s security using remote auditing tools allows us to check the system configuration, carry out OS updates and remove any potential security risks.

24 x 7 Server monitoring behind the scenes rather than waiting for you to notice that your server has failed. Whenever a problem is detected, our system sends an email alerting us of the exact nature of the issue, enabling us to take swift action to resolve the issue with minimum disruption to your working day.

Contact our team now to see how we can help move your IT System on the right path and take advantage of all digital technology can offer to help your business succeed.

Server Management & Maintenance

Server Management & Maintenance Systems Provide

Remote Management

Our technicians can remotely access and manage IT systems, avoiding delays and callout charges

Patch Management

Our bespoke Patch Management software keeps your systems & software up to date with the latest security fixes

Preventative Maintenance

Scheduling & performing maintenance outside of working hours can prevent unexpected downtime and keep your system running.

Intelligent Monitoring

Custom developed software to monitor events from your IT Systems can alert us before most issues arise

Optimisation to increase performance

Tweaking and configuring your system to suit how you operate to increase performance for tasks important to your business

System Security Checks

Automated internal & external vulnerability & security scans keep your system compliant and secure